‘Tony is a rare professional that not only has the tech expertise to deliver excellent WordPress sites but

also the business acumen to understand what you are needing to achieve and then deliver it.

Tony took the brief and design specs and not only delivered on those but surpassed expectations by

suggesting relevant and up to date plugins.

Finally, I particularly appreciated Tony’s tailored training process

and followup that ensured he truly delivers an end-to-end service. Highly recommended.’

Jenni Beattie


Digital Democracy


Tony certainly knows his stuff when it comes to WordPress.  This course was well worth doing and provides a fantastic overview of the WordPress system and how to get the most from it.  Thanks Tony –> I’m looking forward to the advanced WordPress class.



Kerrie Candrick of KC Connect

Sally Foley LewisIf you need someone who has the technical know how, ability to speak in English (not Tech), the patience of a saint, and the reassurance of a behind-the-scenes-support… do more than speak with Tony; take one of his courses and engage him to develop your site, you will not regret it.  Quite simply he IS the WordPress Guy!  I don’t mind Tony using me as a case study/example of someone who had completely zero knowledge and skill about websites, blogging and WordPress to now being able to load, move and play in the background with more confidence that she ever thought possible.  Of course I make mistakes and Tony’s been right there however without Tony’s course I would never have been game!

Sally Foley Lewis of sallyfoleylewis.com

Clever ClicksThere is no doubt Tony is a very experienced WordPress guy. And he can communicate very well to non-techie people, and he is also patient. If you’re considering upping your WordPress skills, you’d be crazy not to take Tony up on one of his very cost effective training offers.


Philip Shaw of CleverClicks

Unless you’ve been under a rock for the past few years, WordPress is the top blogware in the globe. It just is, we’ve been using WordPress since version 1.2 and with version 3.0 comes a host of new features and services.

Many WordPress functions come out of the box . . . and to make it do more funky things, you may need to do a little tweaking, or some major changes.

But the reality is that a lot of us dont have the time to set up hosting, manage the themes or fight some of the nuances that occur when you are building a site. Sometimes you need a professional.

Enter Tony –  ”The WordPress Guy”

We asked Tony to help out with some of the work we are doing to bring new functionality to our Inner West Live site . . as basically we dont have the technical skill for some of the key features, We chose Tony from a recommendation from Brad at Slice (Hi Brad) as he was based here in Australia and had already had a few notes posted by other happy users. Important . . being a local helps. I cant tell you how important that is when you are working to time zones and need priority. There is nothing worse than losing time overnight waiting for the USA/UK to open so that you can answer a question, then wait another 24 hours

The work performed by Tony was brilliant, fast and at all steps of the way he told me what he was doing.

When you are working on a high volume “live” site, you need security that the site will be still there tomorrow. Tony’s team backed up the site and managed the messy parts of the site config changes, they even handled the discussions with our hosting company to make complex DNS record changes (something something computer something stuff something)

When you work with a developer you want to pay a good price for good work that is safe and secure and at the end of the experience you have what you need. Working with the WordPress Guy, we got that.



Inner West Live



Robin Dickinson



Thoroughly recommended — not only did Tony solve some problems on my site, install Thesis, but he also made some good recommendations as to additional things I could try — someone who goes the extra step. Nice

Heidi Allen




Nancy Georges


“I engaged Tony to install and configure WordPress for the CFO Consult website. Throughout the process, he communicated well and delivered excellent results in a rapid timeframe. I can highly recommend using his services.”


Top qualities: Great Results , Good Value , On Time

Charles Chapman