Before and After

This is an example of how an existing WordPress site which was starting to look dated can be reborn with a fresh new look with current styling. Maria and I worked together to come up with a look and feel Maria felt represented her better. Maria now has a more versatile design and feels more comfortable and confident working on the site herself.

A few changes can make all the difference:

  • the old website didn’t allow sub menus so really limited what Maria could offer in the menu
  • it was also too narrow in the main content area limiting space for the information to breathe.
  • the sidebar was under utilised, it needed to be organised better with some fresh styling
  • the main pages were all text so some great looking images were sourced and the pages came to life
  • link colours were very old school so with some slight tonal changes they complemented the overall look without overpowering it

The result speak for themselves.

The website is called created by the very talented business writing coach
Maria Pantalone.

Maria has produced through years of experience training others how to write to excel a Self-Study Business Writing Program you could start today.




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